Service Times:
9:15 Shacharit
10:00 Children's Service
About Or Chadash
Or Chadash was founded in 1995 as a young adults minyan. We have since grown into a shul with members from a variety of backgrounds and a passion for Modern Orthodoxy. We are an inclusive and welcoming community and aim to be progressive within halacha - 'where there is a halachic will, there is a halachic way'. We are proud to have held the first mixed Kohelet reading in Sydney in 2013 following the psakim of four prominent rabbis. The Sydney Women's Tefillah group often joins Or Chadash for part of our services before separating for their women's service.
Our services are nusach Ashkenaz, using the Koren and RCA Artscroll siddurim, and are full of song.

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Gittel's List
Gittel's list was started by Di Kuchar and Anne Wiseman. It was a meeting of the minds as we both wanted to start such a
list after having experienced the benefits of lists in Israel. We had to give the list a name - something short that people
would remember, something that would reflect our culture/community but not something that was confined to a particular
locality nor a particular interest.
Gittel's list acts like a local self-help community noticeboard. The list is modelled on "Craig's list" and the many local lists that
exist in Israel. The list assists people to find what they need, to borrow or to buy. Find or offer accommodation. Sell or
give-away unwanted household items. Swap helpful information, look for car-pooling opportunities, babysitting,
house-swapping, rentals etc. The possibilities are endless. The list has assisted people to find Purim costumes and flower
girl dresses or someone to take a credit card to Israel. Membership is based in Sydney with some Melbourne and
international interest.
The list is only as good as the participation by the members. After 2 years we have reached critical mass however we would
like more members. If you would like to join the list go to Gittel's List and register on the website. Membership is FREE.